FHES Celebrates Mrs. Brenneman and Mrs. Stuart

Last night's GMSD board meeting was a wonderful celebration of two outstanding educators, Mrs. Brenneman and Mrs. Stuart, for their exceptional contributions to the Envisions Expo for gifted students. This annual event provides an opportunity for gifted students to showcase their talents and creativity in a variety of fields, including art, music, science, and technology. The success of the Envisions Expo is due in no small part to the hard work and dedication of Mrs. Brenneman and Mrs. Stuart.

Both Mrs. Brenneman and Mrs. Stuart have devoted countless hours to the planning and execution of the Envisions Expo, ensuring that it runs smoothly and provides an enriching experience for all students involved. Their passion for teaching and commitment to their students is evident in every aspect of the expo, from the carefully selected participants' projects to the engaging and thought-provoking presentations. We are grateful for their tireless efforts and their unwavering commitment to excellence, and we look forward to seeing the continued success of the Envisions Expo under their leadership.