Houston High Seniors take their Graduate Walk at their Elementary Schools

April 2023 – The class of 2023 from HHS put on their caps and gowns and traveled back in time to their younger years. They visited their old elementary schools and got to walk those hallways one last time as a GMSD student. Teachers and parents all gathered to help them celebrate how far they have come and what chapter comes next. Elementary and middle school students lined the hallways and cheered them on during their walkthrough, and many of the graduates could be heard saying things like, “This is just so weird. The hallways used to seem so much bigger.” It was obvious to everyone there that this was an eye opener for the seniors. They could see how much they had grown and how much time had gone by. Teachers were reunited with their former students, and parents couldn’t believe that their child was donning a cap and gown. Time really does fly, and we are so proud of the Houston High School Class of 2023!