Annual School Safety Raffle Winners Receive a Pizza Oven


At GMSD, school safety is a top priority. The school safety department works to ensure that students have a safe and secure learning environment in every capacity. One of the easiest ways to help our students stay safe is to close and lock classroom doors. Routine door checks are completed, and this year, teachers were entered into a raffle to win a pizza oven for having their doors closed and locked. Once the raffle was complete, the winners were announced!

Dogwood Elementary School - Laura Allen 

Farmington Elementary School - Marlow Harris 

Forest Hill Elementary School - Mary Jane May

Houston Middle School - Jason Barthalow 

Riverdale School - Crista Ponder 

Houston High School - Nicole Chrestman

Our teachers do so much to help us ensure that students are always safe and secure, and this simple act of closing and locking doors is such an important protocol. Thank you to all of our teachers, and congratulations to the winners.

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