Forest Hill Elementary Student Excels in National Soccer Showcase and Championship

The 2023 Keeper Wars Goalkeeper Showcase and City Tour Tournament

At only 10 years old, Blake Dowdle, goalkeeper and Forest Hill Elementary student, took some major steps into the soccer scene this summer. Blake participated in two notable events: the 2023 Keeper Wars Goalkeeper Showcase and City Tour Tournament and the 2023 Keeper Wars National Championship at ESPN Wide World of Sports.

Taking place on June 17th and 18th in Murfreesboro, TN, the 2023 Keeper Wars Goalkeeper Showcase and City Tour Tournament was Blake's introduction to the national soccer circuit. This event held significance not only as a competitive opportunity but also as a national qualifying event for the top three finishers. Blake's impressive performance secured her a spot among the nation's best goalkeepers, and set the standard for the upcoming national championship.

National Championship

Blake's involvement was driven by her passion for the sport and the guidance of club coaches, Tennessee state team mentors, and experienced goalkeeper role models. Despite her age and a previous hand and wrist injury, Blake seized the chance to showcase her skills on a larger scale. 

This unique experience pushed Blake to her limits, teaching her to thrive in uncomfortable situations. Her journey through the competition revealed her ability to excel independently, as she navigated through goalkeeper training, strength and conditioning workouts, and gaining the overall mentality required to compete at such a high level. In the midst of intense battles where matches demanded head-to-head goalkeeping duels lasting just six minutes, Blake learned the art of quick decision-making, rapid reactions, and maintaining peak performance under pressure.

Though falling short of the quarterfinals on championship Sunday, Blake's performance stood as a testament to her skill and dedication. Among a pool of around 330-350 girls aged 10-11, Blake's top-14 finish showcased her as one of the nation's best young goalkeepers. Departing from her usual team environment, this experience underscored her ability to embrace challenges independently while drawing strength from the belief her coaches, trainers, and teammates had in her abilities.

Recommendation to Aspiring Goalkeeper Families

Blake's family is resolute in their recommendation of this soccer journey to fellow goalkeeping families. While acknowledging the demanding task of goalkeeper training, they emphasize the extraordinary nature of this opportunity. The Keeper Wars showcases provide a platform for aspiring athletes to challenge themselves and connect with others who share the same path. In their view, this opportunity is a valuable stepping stone for those who possess a fierce love for competition and a desire to excel at the highest level.

For Blake, this summer's soccer journey was marked by growth, determination, and the joy of representing her club, state team, school, and community. The 2023 Keeper Wars Goalkeeper Showcase and National Championship served as a testament to her passion, resilience, and unwavering commitment to the sport she loves.