Forest Hill Foxes Embrace Constitution During Celebrate Freedom Week

September 21, 2023 -- During Celebrate Freedom Week, elementary students across the state of Tennessee embarked on an educational journey that not only celebrated the essence of American democracy but also fostered a profound understanding of its foundation—the U.S. Constitution. This week-long initiative, designed to instill a deep sense of patriotism and civic responsibility in young minds, saw students at Forest Hill Elementary delving into the principles and values that form the bedrock of our nation. Through interactive lessons, engaging activities, and classroom discussions, these budding citizens not only learned about the Constitution's history and significance but also had the unique opportunity to actively participate in the democratic process.
Assistant Principal Ellie Talley remarked, "As a former US history teacher, it is heartwarming for me to see our Foxes engaging with the US Constitution in such relatable and important ways. By planting seeds of the value of our democracy in students in primary school, we are helping to build a strong community of engaged citizens who are thoughtful about democratic processes and have a healthy respect for their responsibilities as Americans." 
One of the most empowering experiences for these Foxes was the creation of their own class constitutions. Guided by their teachers, these young learners brainstormed and penned down their own set of rules, values, and responsibilities, mirroring the principles of the U.S. Constitution. Through this exercise, they not only grasped the importance of compromise and cooperation in governance but also began to appreciate the role of individual rights and the necessity of a social contract in a functioning society. As they proudly signed their class constitutions, these elementary students took their first steps towards becoming informed and responsible citizens who understand the significance of the Constitution in safeguarding the freedoms and liberties that define the United States. Celebrate Freedom Week not only kindled their patriotic spirit but also sowed the seeds of active citizenship, ensuring that the legacy of the U.S. Constitution lives on in the generations to come.