FHES 3rd Graders Soar with their Space Explorations and Rocket Launch Projects

February 2024 - Just recently, the 3rd-grade Forest Hill Foxes, guided by the expertise of English teachers Gretke, Mitchell, and Shipman, embarked on an exciting exploration of space through the curricular Module 3 of Wit and Wisdom.
Through captivating tales like "Moonshot," "One Giant Leap," and "Zathura," each student was able to spend time diving into the endless mysteries beyond the surface of our planet, guided by the essential question: “How do people learn about space?” The culminating task of this unit required students to craft an essay expressing their thoughts and opinions about the most important thing people have done to learn about space. 
But the journey didn’t stop there. Beyond literary pursuits, the students were able to be fully immersed into the STEM world, forging connections between literature and hands-on experience. They designed and constructed rockets collaboratively, not only honing their technical skills but also fostering interpersonal connections as they work side by side.
This interdisciplinary approach isn't just about reaching academic milestones; it's about building capacities and teaching our students to navigate complex projects in manageable steps. Overall, projects like these enrich their educational journey with personalized, firsthand encounters with any subject matter.
By bringing the wonders of space closer to Earth’s surface, we're not only making literary texts and writing assignments more relevant and accessible to younger students but also opening doors to differentiation and enrichment opportunities, ensuring that each journey into the cosmos is as unique as the stars themselves.