The Mission and Vision of FHES

Faculty and Staff
  • Our faculty and staff, having a growth mindset, will be provided opportunities for professional development and support that is high quality, focused, and effectively meets their needs.
  • Faculty and staff will reflect a respectful, responsible, and resourceful culture that promotes kindness and compassion.
  • Faculty and staff understand all expectations and are held accountable for meeting expectations.
  • Parents, guardians and caregivers understand the expectations placed on students, curriculum materials and resources.
  • Parents, guardians and caregivers support their students and help to hold them accountable in meeting the expectations of the school.
  • Parents, guardians and caregivers respect the boundaries inherent in parent/teacher relationships.
  • Students are provided instruction and curriculum that are accessible at all levels.
  • Students are met where they are and supported as they move towards the next level.
  • Students are held to high behavioral expectations and understand that there are meaningful consequences when those expectations are not met. 
  • Students are celebrated when they show academic and social growth, as well as for their academic achievement.
School Structures
  • Students, faculty and staff, and families will feel safe and valued.
  • Schedules are created to respect instructional time and educator collaborative planning.